Yacht Charter

Bareboat charter

If you have enough sailing experience and possess necessary licenses, we give you the option of bareboat charter.
If you decide to take this option, bear in mind that you are now responsible for overall safety on board.

Skippered charter

If you don’t have enough yachting experience, don’t have necessary licenses or if you simply want to relax on your vacation and not to worry about anything, you’ll hire a skipper. Having a professional skipper on board can make your sailing experience much more pleasant and enjoyable.

15 Sailing-ToursAreas of Operation

Lisbon area and Algarve region.


With its mild climate, bright sunshine and favourable winds, sailing along the Portuguese coast is a great pleasure. As always in the Atlantic Ocean, it is sometimes calm for a relaxed spot of sailing, and sometimes more temperamental, offering challenges that require a lot of energy.

The extensive Portuguese Atlantic coast is a paradise for lovers of pleasure boating, who will find here the perfect sea for them.

With calm waters for quiet sailing, or rough waters ensuring higher levels of adrenaline, the ocean displays its various moods that present no difficulties for those who know it well.


Sail TrainingSail Training

Whether you’re looking to set foot on a boat for the first time ever, looking to move to a higher level of sailing certification, or planning a trip offshore, we’re here to help.